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Contract Logistics – A driver of growth


Quehenberger Logistics considerably expands its contract logistics business in Central – and South-Eastern Europe.


The consequent development of an efficient location network in Central – and South-Eastern Europe is increasingly paying off for Quehenberger Logistics. The company, based in Strasswalchen near Salzburg, has been able to considerably expand its contract logistics projects in various countries such as Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovakia. The international roll-out for customers entering new markets in cooperation with Quehenberger Logistics contributes to the current expansion course, CEO Christian Fürstaller explains. Moreover, the company is very successful in cross-selling, as regular customers in transport business also tend to realise their contract logistics business with the same logistics partner. In this context, the combination of standardised processes and customised IT solutions with individual, flexible variations adapted to the respective customers and markets leads to success. “The group-wide Competence Centre Contract Logistics, gathering all information and merging it into the project design, provides the basis“, according to Fürstaller.


Fürstaller also observes that the customers‘ expectations on a successful outsourcing are prone to change with the dynamics of the markets. The focus isn’t on undifferentiated cost savings but rather on an efficient support in the successful handling of performance peaks and the precise administration of ever-decreasing order processing times. “An external partner can cope with these situations in a better way than the company’s internal organisation, which is usually less experienced in dealing with such flexible solutions. Finally, this results again in cost savings but also in a higher performance quality“, Fürstaller explains. Hence, his company is already planning new projects in Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, and Zagreb.


Leading in Romania

With approx. 100,000 square metres of warehousing space, Quehenberger Logistics is already one of the leading logistics service providers in Romania. Meanwhile, this size has become a driver of growth in contract logistics. This is the reason for the company’s success in Croatia, but also in Russia, according to Fürstaller. This outsourcing boom in South-Eastern Europe – with Quehenberger Logistics also benefitting thereof – results from the fact that more and more Western manufacturers sell their products in these countries and consequently need logistics partners for the distribution. Besides, the first local suppliers of consumer goods appear on the local markets.


In Romania, Quehenberger Logistics focuses on its core industry sectors Fashion, Retail, Consumer goods and Tyres. In 2017, a newly built central warehouse has been put into operation for a big Romanian textile retailer. The distribution within Romania and to Bulgaria and Moldova starts from this warehouse. Additionally, the company operates the e-commerce warehouse of a renowned German shoe retailer for Romania and Bulgaria. The construction of a central warehouse for the same customer in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey is in progress. In autumn 2017, Quehenberger Logistics is going to open a new warehouse for a globally operating brewery group in Timisoara.


Successful with high flexibility

Quehenberger has also considerably expanded its activities in Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. For Christian Fürstaller this is a logical step towards sustainable growth: “Central – and Eastern Europe is our core business area.“ In Croatia, Quehenberger already operates five warehouses with approx. 400 employees in the greater area of Zagreb and serves among others the store logistics of an international food retailer.


Key data South Eastern Europe:

Total warehousing space: 100,000 m2
Locations: Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Oradea, Arad
Industry sectors: Fashion-Retail, Consumer goods, Tyres

Employees: 750



Total of warehouses: 5 (greater area Zagreb)
New warehouses: 3 (Zagreb: 2, Split: 1)
Employees: 400



Total of warehouses: 2
Location: Senec
Industry sector focus: Tyres

Employees: 80


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BU: Quehenberger Logistics is on growth in South-Eastern Europe.
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About Quehenberger Logistics:

Quehenberger Logistics is a holistically oriented logistics service provider for industry and trade with a focus on Central – and Eastern Europe. The owner-operated, medium-sized company based in Strasswalchen near Salzburg employs 2,700 employees at 85 locations in 17 countries. The company’s quality-oriented corporate strategy focuses on digitisation and automation. Quehenberger Logistics is a company of the AUGUSTIN QUEHENBERGER GROUP www.augustin-quehenberger.com | www.quehenberger.com


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Phone: +43 (0) 50 145 – 25850, presse@quehenberger.com

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