79,875.58 kilometers accomplished

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Nearly two times around the globe or a little less than 2,000 marathon distances: this is the total distance of the 450 participants from ten companies of this year`s Charity Challenge (www.charity-challenge.at), successfully completed after three months.

The triumphant finish of the record-breaking Charity Challenge ended on September 15th, 2020.

The idea of a “challenge for a good purpose” was created by Wolfgang Zimmel, founder of WerdePate.com and employee of Commend International. In 2018 Commend and SKIDATA started their initial running partnership as a competition. The rules are simple: two teams each run/ hike/ walk for the most kilometers in three months. Every kilometer measured, documented and evaluated by watches or a web portal will be sponsored with 0,20 Euro by the companies for a charitable purpose. The competitive thought is also the motto of the event: “Against each other for a common cause”. The competitors encourage each other but the sporting fairness is not left behind. The team with the most kilometer per participant will win the challenge. The size of the company does not matter, so that every team can participate, whether from the private sector or from the public sector.

In the meantime, the brilliant idea has caught more and more running enthusiasts. In 2018 the challenge started with Commend vs. SKIDATA, in 2019 there were six companies with 250 participants and more than 44,000 kilometers for the good purpose and 2020 there were already ten companies with more than 450 participants.

The success of this years` contest shattered all previous records. The participants of the companies Commend, COPA-DATA, SKIDATA, Quehenberger Logistics, nic.at, movea marketing, Salzburg Research, Findologic, Digital Elektronik and Stepa Farmkran were able to almost double the record to 79,875.58 km from June 15th to September 15th, 2020.

There was a tension right up to the end because the participants from the different companies fought exciting duels. There was a neck-and-neck race between SKIDATA and Quehenberger Logistics. Quehenberger Logistics could finally win the duel because of the great support of a lot of employees from more than 10 countries and even the CEO collected kilometers for the challenge. Challenge won!

This year a total amount of 16,760 Euro was collected and will be handed over to Mrs. Michaela Altendorfer, director of Herzkinder Österreich. “The enthusiasm of the participants always inspires me, nevertheless the grand finale at the Salzburg Business Run could not take part this year, because of the actual situation.” Michael Mayrhofer, manager of the Salzburg Business Run, sporting supervisor and patron of the Charity Challenge sums up. “But this does not reduce the success. Promoting community and health at the fresh air and being able to help suffering children in the process: what more could you want?”

Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman