Dynamic Development of Logistics in Serbia.

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Requirements for logistics service providers in Serbia are increasing powerfully, not only the demand for cross-docking, but also local warehousing shows a dynamic development. Quehenberger Logistics expanded its range in logistics services and moved to a new highly modern facility in Belgrade.

  • 2,000sqm top modern and multifunctional warehouse space in Belgrade
  • Cross-Docking solutions for Retailer
  • Flexibility for a wide sphere of warehouse and logistics services
  • Long term experience as official customs broker

The requirements for logistics service providers in Serbia are increasing significantly, not only for cross-docking activities, but also for local warehousing and value added services. Quehenberger Logistics is adapting to the Serbian market developments and requirements of the local customers.

Serbia records a very dynamic development in the European network of Quehenberger Logistics, where the full service logistics provider is a well known partner for retail logistics including handling of international e-commerce transactions and customs services.

On the fast lane with Quehenbergers Tyres and Automotive Solutions

Quehenberger Logistics SRB provides logistics services for a variety of customers in the tyres industry. As an authorized Customs broker, moreover authorized for home customs clearance, Quehenberger Logistics SRB is able to meet all demands regarding simplified procedures in handling, storage and customs procedures.

Quehenberger Logistics is furthermore handling international FTL and LTL transports for automotive suppliers that are increasingly based in Serbia.

Their high level expertise makes Quehenberger an interesting partner for handling transnational distribution with the advantage of fast customs procedures and distribution handled from a single source. An easy-to-work with philosophy and an all-round package in the transport sector provides Quehenberger Logistics a decisive competitive advantage.

Holistic Approach for fashion logistics within the Adria-Network

Quehenberger Logistics Serbia is part of Quehenbergers expanding Adria-Network with a central hub Zagreb and connections to Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia.
The Serbian team has many years of experience and know how, and the Serbian location is the “gateway” for goods that are sent from the hub in Zagreb to Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo region supporting all logistical processes. Specialized in the fashion industry, Quehenberger logistics SRB makes it possible to create a holistic retail logistics solution for a large region.
From the moment when goods enter Serbia to the final delivery, the Quehenberger team takes care of the complete handling, with a special emphasis on the customs clearance segment. With daily line-hauls between Croatia and Serbia, Quehenberger offers a rounded approach towards their clients at a high level of service.


Quehenberger Logistics SRB as the DOOR to the Adria region

Quehenberger Logistic SRB just moved to a new facility, attractively located, right next to the E-70 highway, near the Šimanovci pay toll, at the western entrance to Belgrade.

The new location offers the possibility for fast and flexible handling in cross-docking and even more square meters for goods that are distributed from the hub in Zagreb through the “gateway” Serbia throughout the Adria network.

The new sustainable flagship warehouse close to Belgrade fulfils FM GLOBAL and LEED construction standards and consists exclusively of sustainable building materials, it offers 2,000sqm space, 2,500 high rack positions and 350sqm office space for the Quehenberger Team and their customers in Serbia. Enough space for extensive warehouse and value-added services, combined with freight and transport services that include extensive customs clearance. Quehenberger Logistics SRB's range of services is rounded off by an 800 m² cross-docking zone for reloading, sorting, packing and unpacking.

The warehouse is equipped for multifunctional logistics processes and offers space for flexibility depending on customer requirements. In addition, the it is located perfectly and just the right "fancy" location for customers who like to have their valuable goods stored neatly and cleanly as well.

New location in Belgrade with a lot of ‘perspective’ for Quehenberger Logistics customers
Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman