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Further development of Industry solutions in 2018

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Quehenberger Logistics systematically expanded its business as an industry specialist last year and consequently tackled the digitalisation of all business processes. Although the turnover fell short of the budget at 464 million euros, it was still possible to grow organically by 3 percent in 2018 - despite the closure of some subsegments. In the core areas even an organic growth of even 6.5 percent was generated. The Managing Partners CEO Christian Fürstaller and CFO Rodolphe Schoettel announced this in a media talk in Vienna on Wednesday, March 27th.

Successful in the main business areas

In the four main business segments FTL and LTL solutions, Contract Logistics, Air + Ocean and Transport Networks, there was an increase in the operating business succeeded. The Contract Logistics segment increased tremendously in the past year. Among the outstanding new projects he counted the supply of a German car factory in Russia, the enlargement and expansion for a DIY customer in Romania with logistics services on 40,000 m² warehouse space and the distribution center for a tyre customer in Kazakhstan, where as well as in Poland own country organizations were founded in 2018.

"Wherever quality-oriented supply chains are important, Quehenberger Logistics is getting more and more successful."
Christian Fürstaller, CEO Quehenberger Logistics

Quality solutions for international SMEs and quality-oriented companies

In the company's five main sectors - Retail, Fashion, Tyres, Automotive and Consumer Goods / FMCG – the Full- Service-Logistics Provider not only scores with knowledge of the business model, Quehenberger also developed a standardised industry solution for each industry. These solutions can be customised individually. Quehenberger Logistics clearly differentiates itself from the competition with this quality-oriented business model. Above all, the international small and medium-sized business, which itself usually pursues a focused quality strategy, is asking for this service and honours the partnership with Quehenberger Logistics accordingly.

Digitalisation of Supply Chains

Operational specialisation is closely linked to the company's digitalisation strategy, explained Fürstaller. It is invested specifically and exclusively in areas with sustainable prospects. Since autumn 2018, Quehenberger Logistics has been working together with the consulting company Gartner to digitise the supply chains in the main business areas. That is, the business processes are mapped with digital tools and automated as far as possible. The aim is to increase productivity through streamlining and a consistent measurability of processes. A workflow-driven, automated and paperless internal and external administration and communication also provides additional customer benefits. Customers can expect an improved service, such as full transparency on the order processing or direct access to the extensive database from the business relationship. Quehenberger can also score as an employer with digitalisation. Many job profiles are gaining attractiveness. "Digitalisation is inevitable in logistics. I prefer being the first over the finish line rather than just a follower ", Fürstaller stated.

CEO Christian Fürstaller and CFO Rodolphe Schoettel at the press conference on March 27th in Vienna | © Roland Rudolph
CEO Christian Fürstaller and CFO Rodolphe Schoettel at the press conference on March 27th in Vienna
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Press Conference 2019 | © Roland Rudolph
Press Conference 2019
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Experts in Tyre Logistics | © Quehenberger Logistics
Experts in Tyre Logistics
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E-Truck delieveries in the center of Salzburg | © Quehenberger Logistics
E-Truck delieveries in the center of Salzburg
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Three E-Transporters extend our E-Fleet | © Quehenberger Logistics
Three E-Transporters extend our E-Fleet
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Despite adjustment, organic growth 

CFO Schoettel described the past financial year at Quehenberger Logistics as a bridge year: while the four key business areas were expanded and recorded very positive growth, activities with low prospects were consistently adjusted. In order to be able to drive forward the expansion in the direction of efficiency and quality, one must not only accelerate the strengths, but also eliminate the weaknesses, Schoettel pointed out.

Outlook and strategic direction

The current year 2019 will be characterised by qualitative growth, announced Fürstaller. Quehenberger Logistics will concentrate its resources consistently on the defined industries and the four core business areas. For one of the largest customers in Tyre Logistics we will continue to expand and set up an own organization in Scandinavia for the first time in the company's history.

Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman