Management Board of Quehenberger Logistics and MAN at the hand-over of keys of the new vehicles in Fuschl, credits: MAN

MAN vehicle handover

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Quehenberger Logistics is one of the biggest partners of MAN worldwide. The fleet includes 850 solo trucks and trailers, thereof 600 MAN trucks. Quehenberger Logistics ordered 2,000 MAN trucks over the last ten years. The Quehenberger Group is also the leading logistics company in terms of alternative drives. In the course of the CNL (Council of sustainable logistics) project, Quehenberger uses a MAN eTGM for the delivery of city branches and three MAN eTGE transporters for metropolitan areas since September 2018. 

Quehenberger Logistics and MAN agreed a new framework contract for the next two years in December 2019. The contract contains the delivery of 250 vehicles with an option of additionally 250 vehicles. The New TG were included in the order although the details were not known at the date of agreement. This is a sign of true confidence in the partnership between MAN and Quehenberger Logistics.

The first MAN New TG were handed over to the management board of Quehenberger Logistics at Schloss Fuschl on October 13th, 2020. CEO Christian Fürstaller and CFO Rodolphe Schoettel and Managing Director TRS Rudolf Ebner took the key as a symbol from Senior Vice President International Key Accounts Josef Sindl and Managing Director MAN Sales Austria Robert Kratzer.

"The new MAN truck generation supports our clients extremely at their daily work. Our drivers know how a perfect workplace should look like. That is why we listened carefully to the drivers and designed the truck according to their ideas. We are very happy that a number of design experts honor the new driver`s workplace. That shows that we are on the right way!"


The MAN New TG supports excellent driver orientation

The new MAN driver`s workplace was honored with the renowned German Design Award. It makes the work of a truck driver even more attractive. Simple and intuitive handling, numerous of assistance services and a living enviroment with good materials are important for the new workplace of the drivers. All control elements are designed in a way that they do not distract the driver. Display and operating level are separated from each other, so that the visual information are near the street view and the operating elements are easy to reach from the seat position.

The MAN SmartSelect for example reduces the view prevention of the street to a minimum with its turn and push function while using the infotainment and navigation menus. An important advantage of the new driver`s workplace is to offer the same high level of operating comfort to every driver regardless of the age, experience or technical affinity of the driver. That is why the new MAN truck generation supports sustainability for the simplification of the daily work routine of the truck driver.


First connected MAN truck with vehicle updates "over-the air"

The MAN New TG is a digital truck because of the standard of a RIO Box in every truck since 2017. It is one requirement of the numerous digital services in the transport and logistics ecosystem. Fleet manager have the control of every truck via the RIO platforms and can handle orders more efficiently. Furthermore you can also book the MAN digital services via this platform.

The next level of the digital vehicle management offers MAN Now at the new truck generation. The new digital service makes it possible to adapt trucks with additional functions via online upgrades without driving to a repair station. Two services are available now: "Online Traffic" with current data of the traffic situation and easier ways to bypass traffic jams. The "Map Update" supports additionally with the newest information of the street course. That is why short-term closures and construction sites can be noticed quickly at the navigation.

Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman