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Quehenberger Logistics supports earthquake victims in Croatia

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Quehenberger Logistics supports together with Mr. Hans Adrowitzer, retired sports editor of Salzburger Nachrichten, the earthquake victims in Croatia and takes over the transport of 900 winter coats.

“The contact was made directly through Hans Adrowitzer - and I promptly agreed that we would support the campaign. We have a close relationship with Croatia, as we ourselves have a large organisation in the country and have just carried out an internal fundraising campaign for our colleagues in Croatia who were affected by the earthquake.” CEO, Managing Partner Christian Fürstaller.

The winter coats will be transported to Sisak, Croatia by one or two trucks on February 18th, 2021. The truck load also includes toddler clothing as well as diapers and baby food that were handed over to the initiator, the theologian Veselko Prlic.

"We have organised our own transport to Sisak and will also bear the entire costs." confirms Mario Ivos, Director Operations.

There is still the opportunity to support the fundraising campaign until Easter:

Donation account "Earthquake victims Croatia"
IBAN: AT58 1500 0003 9112 7123
Oberbank Salzburg

Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman