Salzburg Business Run Charity Challenge 2022

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"Against each other for a good cause" is the motto of the Salzburg Business Run Charity Challenge.

Since the first starting signal in 2018, the annual event in the Salzburg business world has become the epitome of sporting activity for a good cause. And again this year set some records. 30 company teams were on their feet from June 15th to September 15th to collect kilometers of charity money for children at risk of poverty.

The donation amount - more than € 33,800 for well over 123,000 km total distance covered - was presented to the "Kinder haben Zukunft" association today in a festive setting.

Footwork for a child's smile

Around the world in 80 days is no longer a standard. How about around the world more than three times in three months, all on foot? Also this year, from June 15th to September 15th, socially committed, active employees of Salzburg companies got on their feet to collect the most sponsored kilometers for needy children in teams in a sporting challenge. This year, the donation amount goes to the association "Kinder haben Zukunft" (

Against each other for a good cause, whether it is walking, hiking, running, trekking - everything is allowed in this competition, is precisely registered via the app and increases the route performance. Every kilometre moved is rewarded (always according to the year) with a 22-cent charity premium. The winner is the team with the highest average mileage per capita. "Not only is the idea of ​​competition important, but also the incentive to promote company sports, which not only does your employees good, but also disadvantaged children at the same time," explains initiator Wolfgang Zimmel, a Commend employee and himself an enthusiastic recreational runner. "A child's smile is the best motivation for this!" he agrees with patron Michael Mayrhofer from the Salzburg Business Run.


Everything went well

Since the first Charity Challenge in 2018, the event has been on the rise. With the number of participating teams, the total distance – and thus the amount donated – has also grown. 30 teams were at the start this time, including the strong team from Progress Advertising as 'Newcomer of the Year'. The record result is correspondingly pleasing: "Almost 124,000 km total distance - more than three times around the world or about a third of the way to the moon!" Wolfgang Zimmel is enthusiastic.

This time the walkers proved to have the hottest soles, even overtaking the runners in terms of distance performance. The team from crane builder STEPA Farmkran was able to claim the overall team victory.

In addition to the main competition, there were also direct battles which also challenged each other in a direct duel: SKIDATA against MTMS Solutions, Commend International against Quehenberger Logistics and STEPA Farmkran against Digital Elektronik delivered extremely exciting duels for a good cause.
Sightrunning Salzburg was again only represented by one person, but it shone with a great individual performance.


The reward for the footwork: donation handover

"As always, the charity contributions were rounded up by the companies and organisations. In addition, the total amount was generously supplemented by the main sponsors of the Salzburg Business Run and now, of course, the impressive total amount goes to the real winners: the children!" say Christoph Ritzberger (SKIDATA) and Wolfgang Zimmel (Commend International), who won this duel for the first time before 5 initiated together for years.

The head of the "Kinder haben Zukunft" association, Alfred Pozetti, beaming with joy, accepted the donation check for more than 33,800 € today at a ceremony on the Commend International company premises in Liefering. The sum corresponds to about a third of the annual budget of the association.

It will also benefit the affected children, preferably in the area of ​​sports and leisure activities. "We are excited and proud to be a partner of the Salzburg Business Run Charity Challenge," says Alfred Pozetti. "We would like to thank everyone involved and are happy that this money will remain in Salzburg. Hopefully many other companies will be infected by the Charity Challenger's enthusiasm and ensure that children in need have a future!"

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