Project Neptun

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Neptun is the largest retailer of brown and white goods in Macedonia with 70% market share and an annual turnover close to 65 million Euros. Neptun is managing 25 stores with 400 employees and is part of the Balfin group. It has been on the market for almost 20 years.

Since they are rapidly growth in the last ten years they have found themselves in a position to need an expansion of logistics capacities and new logistics operation solution. The complexity of their daily operations has been increased due to the huge portfolio of products sold within their shops. Logistics operations have become a bottle neck and the reason for slow and ineffective market coverage.

Found in a position not being able to manage the logistics operations efficiently and effectively,  they have decided to request an outsourcing contract logistics solution for their warehouse as well as distribution operations.

Here is what we offered:

  • Since one of the bottle necks was the space, we have offered additional modern 5.500 sqm of warehouse space, designed and organized in accordance with their business nature and portfolio of products. These products and processes as well were combined with new warehouse equipment.
  • WMS solution programs based on their daily inbound and outbound logistics operations.
  • Distribution solution with supply coverage for all of their shops and wholesalers on a daily and weekly base.

Neptun project so far would be the largest contract logistics project in Macedonia.

The newly built warehouse will be finished in August, six months since the start of the constraction, with size of 8.000 sqm, equiped with 12.000 pallet places and 11 loading docks.

Besides Neptun, in the new warehouse with 3.000 pallet places we will operate our new client Saponia/Kandid a Croatian producer of detergents, hygiene producs and chocolate confectionary.

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Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman