Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH

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Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH was founded seven years ago and now employs 100 people at 19 locations in 15 countries in Austria, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Stable supply chains are very important, especially in times like these. At Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH, every client gets a permanent supervisor who supports them from the beginning to the end of a transport logistics task. The Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH acts as a highly specialized solution provider with individually tailored customer concepts.

Customers need flexible and reliable solutions. "With us, these services are always backed up so that everything works perfectly even if unexpected problems arise," report Robert Hartmann (Managing Director) and Gerhard Haslauer (Director Airfreight).

Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH records an annual increase of over 40 percent in air freight volume.

In the area of air freight, there is still a lively international demand for the transport of pharmaceutical products, semiconductors, electronic and automotive components, as well as auxiliary and medical goods. For this reason, charter flights to and from Europe are regularly organised.
Flights with the Antonov 124, the largest cargo plane ever built in series, are not uncommon!

The sea freight team is again making greater use of the scheduling services in tramp shipping. The utilisation of the capacities of semi-container and RoRo ships has also increased significantly in recent months.

The "Q Ocean XL" product line is developing very successful, for example for machine transport via flat rack, open top or RoRo ships.
In classic line transport, the container is increasingly becoming a commodity. "Anyone who has the appropriate empty equipment gets the business - and that's exactly what makes our team so successful," says Robert Hartmann.

Klaus Hrazdira
Company Spokesman