Quehenberger Logistics Croatia awarded Certificate of Credit Excellence

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Quehenberger Logistics Croatia recently got awarded by Certificate of Credit Excellence issued Wall business, one of the biggest credit rating agencies. Furthermore, Quehenberger logistics Croatia is ranked among the 500 best creators of Value added in Croatia in 2018.

Due to the very successful development of the business, the Certificate of Credit Excellence with a AA+ rating has been issued to Quehenberger Logistics Croatia. The certificate is awarded based on the credit ranking and solvency and it ranks Quehenberger at the very top.

Furthermore, business magazine Lider media published an annual report titled "The 500 Greatest Creators of Value added in Croatia in 2018", in which Quehenberger Logistics Croatia is positioned at 357th place (find the report 1 attached), thus jumping 66 places, as opposed to 423rd overall for 2017.

The same annual report placed our company in first place in the Transport industry (attached - report 2).

Considering the business success of our company last year, we were ranked 26th in the TOP 50 companies by the trend of revenue and 22nd place in the TOP 50 companies by export volumes (attached - report 3).

Our business successes has also created additional staffing trends, and accordingly, we are ranked 21st in the TOP 50 companies by employee change, with an average change in the number of employees of 43.6% compared to the year before.

With this, the Board of Quehenberger Logistics Croatia wants to say thank you to all of its employees on this excellent success, and we would also like to congratulate on this remarkable achievement.


Hermann Költringer
Company Spokesman