Quehenberger Logistics is the most efficient contract logistics service provider in Romania.

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In the presence of 250 representatives of the logistics, shipping, distribution, courier and retail industries the first prize in the Contract Logistics category was awarded to Quehenberger Logistics. The decisive factor was the growth in 2021 in relation to 2020. Tranzit magazine selected 30 companies, which were compared in various categories. The ten strongest companies of the industry were measured in terms of their performance.

In 2021, Quehenberger Logistics recorded a 38% increase in turnover compared to 2020.

"This can be attributed to the result of numerous new logistics projects in recent years, the increasing growth of the e-commerce sector and changes in consumer behaviour," says Alexandru Catană, Director of Quehenberger Logistics Romania and Moldavia.

Quehenberger Logistics is a specialist for logistics solutions in the sectors: Retail, Fashion, FMCG, Do-it-yourself, Automotive and Tyres. In Romania, 1,800 people are employed at 9 locations and 253,000 m² of warehouse space is managed. In Bucharest and surrounding areas (Bolintin, Stefanesti, Clinceni) are 204,000 m², 42,000 m² in Timisoara, 5,200 m² in Cluj and 1,800 m² in Arad

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Klaus Hrazdira
Company Spokesman