Statement on Schengen Veto

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Quehenberger Logistics is a European company with an entrepreneurial focus on Central and Eastern Europe. We are convinced of the European idea and of a Europe that is only strong together. We operate a logistics network in Central and Eastern Europe and for us Romania and Bulgaria are integrated parts of this economic area.

A strong EU is one in which all EU citizens have the same rights and obligations. This also includes participation in the Schengen area. Open borders are essential for prosperous development throughout the region.

We deeply regret the result of last week's vote in the Council and we find it difficult to understand why the Austrian government voted against Romania's and Bulgaria's participation in the Schengen area.

Not only in logistics, but also in other areas such as care, agriculture, tourism and much more, the freedom to travel border free and cross-border movement of goods is one of the greatest asset.

We publicly appeal to our Austrian politicians to reconsider and correct this decision as quickly as possible and finally to allow all EU citizens unrestricted access to the whole of Europe. We see it as the task of the EU to secure the common external borders.

Klaus Hrazdira
Company Spokesman