Employees delivering a big cardboard box with a box cart. Employees delivering a big cardboard box with a box cart.
B2C Home Delivery for Miele.

Q Home Services for white goods in practice

In competition, the companies who offer the best services distinguish themselves – and that’s the case when it comes to household appliances, consumer electronics or sports and fitness equipment as well.

Transport and installation successfully combined

That’s why Miele counts on the Home Delivery solution by Quehenberger Logistics. It encompasses a full-service package: Alongside the delivery, it includes assembly and installation on site at the customer’s home. That’s a significant added value for the customers of the sustainable family business that has specialised in the production of household appliances for the kitchen, for clothing and floor care as well as appliances used in commercial operation or medical institutions. The Quehenberger Logistics team handles the complete implementation of the solution –
from making an appointment with the customer to the disposal of scrap appliances and packaging materials.  

Home Delivery in practice

Delivery men carrying a big parcel up the stairs with a box cart.

In everyday implementation, our Q Home Services for Miele look as follows: A customer purchases, for instance, a refrigerator in the Miele online shop. In the absence of a suitable means of transportation and the possibility of carrying out the installation, she requests the delivery and installation of the appliance to be carried out at her home address. As soon as Quehenberger Logistics receives the order information from Miele via EDI, the customer is informed on the same day that we have received her order. 

We handle the pick-up of the appliance at the Miele central warehouse, transport it to its destination overnight and make an appointment for its delivery and installation on site. Our technicians call 30 minutes ahead of the appointed three-hour delivery window, so the customer can better orient herself time-wise.  

The refrigerator is delivered to the 5th floor. As assistive equipment, the technicians use an electric stair climber. 

In preparation of the installation, they’ll cover the floor with protective fleece, put on overshoes and document the initial situation on photo. The scrap appliance is removed from the built-in kitchen as part of the delivery process of the new appliance. For that purpose, the skirting is taken down and the existing kitchen front of the fridge is dismounted. A technician enters the serial number into his mobile app to ensure a seamless documentation of the subsequent disposal at the local disposal facility. 

Two employees during the installation of a kitchen cupboard.

A two-people team installs and fits the new refrigerator in the existing built-in kitchen and connects it to the power supply. In the case of a refrigerator, we’re happy to install the door on the opposite side and cut the skirting to fit. The technicians finalise the installation process with the green button test and an extensive photo documentation. 

In conclusion: The highly customised service offers by Quehenberger facilitate a one-stop B2C Home Delivery for Miele. 

We make time for you and listen!

In addition to your products, you would like to offer your customers the professional transport and installation of the appliances? We’re happy to work on elaborating a customised service concept with you!