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New location in Almaty / Kazakhstan


Press release, Straßwalchen 09 May 2018



Now, Quehenberger Logistics also benefits from Kazakhstan’s major strategic importance in the deveopment of the Silk Road. The company, based in Straßwalchen, further expands its presence along the Silk Road by opening a new location in Kazakhstan.


Quehenberger Logistics Kazakhstan (“Quehenberger Logistics KZ“) adds another warehouse with a total of 1,500 m² warehousing space to its business segment Contract Logistics at its new location in Almaty. Since 1st May 2018, all logistics services for a big, international tyre manufacturer have been handled there.



New Transport Services between China and Europe

Besides the expansion of Contract Logistics, Quehenberger Logistics intends to further develop the existing product Q Traction by means of the opening of the new location. At present, transports to and from China are realised along the Trans-Siberian Route. In the future, it will be possible to add other transport options covering the Eurasian geographic belt to the new Silk Road (“One Belt, One Road“).


Moreover, the Quehenberger Logistics expert team in Kazakhstan assumes a coordinating – and steering function concerning all transport services in the Central Asian area.


“For Quehenberger Logistics, as a specialist in logistics services in the CIS countries, the expansion to Kazakhstan, and the resulting opening of a new location there, is the next logical step after its business expansion to Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, and Moldova. Kazakhstan is the first access point to and from China, and what is more, to a member of the Eurasian Economic Union,“ Klaus Hrazdira, COO Quehenberger Logistics, says.



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Quehenberger Logistics is a Full-Service-Logistics Provider and specialist for holistic industry solutions for industrial – and trading companies with a focus on Central – and Eastern Europe. The owner-operated, medium-sized company based in Strasswalchen near Salzburg employs 2,900 employees at 85 locations in 18 countries. The company’s quality-oriented corporate strategy focuses on digitalisation and automation. Quehenberger Logistics is a company of the AUGUSTIN QUEHENBERGER GROUP www.augustin-quehenberger.com | www.quehenberger.com



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