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Bliskost vašem poslu.

Our latest AQ customers magazine is out now!


Digitalisation keeps the world moving - at Quehenberger Logistics too.


We make use of this innovation in order to become better and more efficient. At the same time, we decided, for example with our customer magazine, to stay “analogue“.

Why? Well, we believe that sometimes it’s necessary to take the time for a personal talk, to reconsider solutions, or just to recognise new perspectives.


Read, among other things, about pseudo forces sabotaging the perfect drive in golf, digital bees providing more security in logistics, or why humans fearlessly jump into the water from a height of more than 50 metres. Last but not least, Game of Thrones-film star Emilia Clarke tells us about her new entry into the Star Wars Universe.


We wish you an exciting read and a pleasant and enjoyable summer!


Our customer magazine is available online, as a download or as a print version.

You would like a printed version of our current magazine:
Simply order at: presse@quehenberger.com and provide us your shipping address. We are happy to send you a magazine!

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