Truck with open tailboard during the unloading process in front of the warehouse. Truck with open tailboard during the unloading process in front of the warehouse.
Industry solutions for Retail.

Customised Retail Logistics

Timely supply of the retail shops with intelligent tour concepts, customer-specific warehouse solutions and customised extra services.

Timely and retail-ready to the shops

In retail logistics, the comprehensive and timely supply of the retail stores is of utmost importance. This requires intelligent tour concepts, customer-specific warehouse solutions and individual value-added services. Thanks to extensive retail and distribution networks as well as regional handling hubs, we are able to offer you customised and cost-optimised solutions.

Here’s what our Customers benefit from in Retail Logistics

  • long-time retail competence 
  • safety and synergies of a complete-solution provider 
  • intelligent tour management (customer-specific or bundled delivery tours) 
  • Europe-wide networks thanks to our own locations in Central and Eastern Europe and exclusive partnerships
  • state-of-the-art IT systems for optimised route planning 
  • POD scanning 
  • empties management
  • return management 
  • one assigned contact person (single point of contact) 

„In our core industries we count on comprehensive competence, customised solutions and a single point of contact for our customers. In retail logistics, we offer proven and trusted solutions and concepts, professional handling on site and a delivery within an appointed time slot. Additionally, we determine customised tour concepts or a combination of milk runs and network solutions for the delivery.“
Christian Fürstaller, CEO & Managing Partner


Customised Solutions for Retail

Customised tour concepts enable the adherence to customer-specific delivery appointments at fixed delivery times. As part of our store- and tour logistics, we provide a variety of services and benefits: 

  • delivery to retail shops in city centres, shopping centres and specialty retail markets 
  • direct delivery of the goods to their point of sale
  • competent employees who are trained in working with shop staff and who are familiar with the on-site circumstances
  • timed delivery according to specification 
  • punctuality regarding delivery time slots 
  • handling of various types of packages (cardboard boxes, trolleys, pallets, etc.) 
  • balance of seasonal fluctuations through usage of our own flexible vehicle fleet and employee availability 
  • processing of returns
  • shop-to-shop delivery 
  • shop support via a central customer service 
  • quality analyses and performance indicators

We offer our customers generous warehouse spaces as well as safe storage and loading of the goods. Storage or cross-docking: In our warehouses, we safely and appropriately manage everything from shop equipment to sales material. 

Customer-specific warehouse solutions: 

  • central or regional warehouses 
  • storage in high-rack systems (pallets, cardboard boxes) or on hangers 
  • cross-docking 
  • consolidation of all incoming goods from the central warehouse and transport partners
  • order picking at the shops

Value-added services tailored to individual needs offer individual advantages. From country-specific labelling to Europe-wide returns management and appropriate waste disposal, our services encompass the following points: 

  • Marking and country-specific labelling 
  • price labelling 
  • production of displays 
  • quality controls 
  • repair
  • returns management 
  • management of empties 
  • disposal of cardboard packaging 

A strong Network

Be it Austria, Germany, Romania or Croatia – with Quehenberger Logistics, you can count on a strong, international network in 11 countries. With 69 locations and 800,000 square metres of warehouse space, we facilitate expansive services close to the customer. 

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