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About the application process.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

Everything related to the process of application at Quehenberger Logistics.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

You’re interested in a certain position or you have a question about the application process at Quehenberger Logistics? We’re pleased about that! We have summarised answers to the most frequently asked questions for you. 

In case of further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Your application is reviewed and forwarded to the responsible Manager. We respond as soon as possible and ideally invite you to come to an interview. In some cases, we hold interviews over the phone, and sometimes there is a second and third round of interviews. Occasionally, we make use of certain tests to assess an applicant’s aptitude for the position. 

You’ll receive a confirmation of the receipt of your application right away. The application process itself can vary in duration.  

We prefer if candidates apply online and with their complete set of pertinent documents. 

Your CV, a motivational letter, selected important and informative (school) certificates – preferably in PDF format. 

Usually, we do not offer any holiday internships. 

Yes, if the topic is suitable, we’re happy to offer supervisions.  

Yes, please tell us more about your circumstances so that we may review the possibility of a vocational internship for you. 

Yes, we’d be delighted. Please let us know exactly in which areas you would like to contribute your skills and expertise. 


Time and again, we give labour foundation participants the opportunity of training at our company – including participation in inhouse educational programmes. 

This is a requirement by law. Depending on qualification, the factual salary might exceed the stated amount. 

By phone, by e-mail, via Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn or at our booth at trade shows. 

In Austria - yes, provided that you are insured via the AMS (Public Employment Service Austria). 

At Quehenberger Logistics, you can work internationally and get to know other branch offices. We foster your talents individually by way of educational programmes and further training. Our “Onboarding” process facilitates the start at the company for new colleagues. And we celebrate our successes together at company events. 

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