A few coffee capsules in front of a small heap of coffee beans.  A few coffee capsules in front of a small heap of coffee beans.
Customised Inbound Logistics for FMCG customer.

Warehousing and distribution solution for Segafredo Zanetti

The process of appropriately storing and shipping coffee is just as delicate as the actual roasting process.

A full-service package for the renowned coffee producer

70,000 customers love the fine aromas of Segafredo Zanetti. To facilitate the arrival of the coffee at its destination on time and in highest quality, Quehenberger Logistics offers a customised FMCG logistics solution. Essential for this purpose: detailed quality reports as well as central customer service by way of a central contact person at Quehenberger Logistics – a so-called single point of contact. 

Coffee beans from above.

Warehousing in Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The challenge? Secure packaging of the entire range of products on pallets or in parcel shipments depending on the order volume. To prevent deterioration in quality due to storage and transport of the goods, we rely on: 

  • FIFO (first in – first out) method
  • GS1 standards with intensive data exchange 
  • DESADV messages to major retailers 

In order for the coffee to arrive in retail on time, we count on a customer-specific FTL/LTL delivery concept alongside excellent warehousing logistics. Hence, we supply to national, international and central warehouses of industrial consumers as well as warehouses or cross-docking centres of regional customers. Shipments of small amounts – for instance, to gastronomy businesses – are for the most part effected by use of parcel services. 

Order picking, professional packaging or shipping – the logistics processes are managed from Salzburg and the goods are shipped within Austria as well as to Eastern and Western Europe. If customs services are required, all customs clearance and release processes are handled by our experts professionally and reliably. 

Customised support for Segafredo Zanetti thanks to the FMCG solution

  • personal support by a central Quehenberger contact person (single point of contact) 
  • customised distribution concepts (FTL, LTL, parcel service) 
  • active monitoring of shipments 
  • product-specific warehousing 
  • unloading of containers 
  • batch tracing
  • checking of the products’ minimum shelf-life, FIFO method 
  • extensive quality reporting 
  • handling of payments on delivery and collection of outstanding debts

Conclusion: With a customised Supply Chain Solution, we facilitate the constant availability of the entire range of products for Segafredo Zanetti. 

We make time for you and listen!

At the outset of every customer relationship, we conduct a detailed assessment of requirements. Our experts in the area of FMCG/Food/Beverage discuss your specific requirements with you in a personal conversation. After determining all the relevant parameters, we create customised concepts for you. Your benefit always takes centre stage for us! 

Our Industry Solutions for FMCG/Food/Beverage are tailor-made and can be adjusted as needed to your unique requirements. Call us or send as an e-mail – we’re happy to advise you!