Q Air Aerospace put into practice.

Our special Air Freight solution

Your element: air. Your area of operation: all over the world. The air freight industry is a particularly complex and dynamic field. To meet the special demands of this innovative industry, it takes well-conceived and tailor-made, high-quality solutions.

With Q Air Aerospace, Quehenberger Logistics offers exactly such a solution. It was especially created for the air freight industry. Thus, the air freight product provides airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance companies and suppliers of equipment with optimum possibilities to swiftly and flexibly transport shipments to anywhere in the world. 

With Q Air Aerospace, our customers benefit from

  • customised solutions 
  • routine, critical and AOG services 
  • a global network of Aerospace specialists – TALA powered by Quehenberger Logistics 
  • integrated customs services  
  • a fixed contact person (single point of contact) 
  • seamless transparency 
  • immediate reaction in case of a change of circumstances 

Customised services for the air freight industry

To meet the special demands of the air freight industry, we’ve created a product that not only convinces our customers with its absolute quality but also with lots of flexibility and individuality. 

Aircraft on Ground shipments (AOG) are shipments that need to be handled with utmost priority, such as an urgently required replacement part for an aircraft. 

On its way with Aircraft on Ground (AOG)

In practice, a potential scenario for our special Air Freight product might look as follows: 
A replacement part for an aircraft is urgently needed in Vienna but stored in Paris. 
Timeframe for the delivery: three hours. 

Request of an AOG shipment at our Aerospace partners in Paris and advance notice to Quehenberger Logistics.
Confirmation of pickup by the Quehenberger Logistics Q Air Aerospace team and advance notice to the maintenance company.
Arrival at Vienna International Airport (Schwechat).
Pickup of the shipment.
Delivery of the shipment.
Note of execution and POD (proof of delivery) are sent to our partners in Paris.

We make time for you and listen!

You’re looking for a special Air Freight solution for your goods? With our Q Air services, we offer comprehensive services in combination with profound industry know-how – see for yourself!