Two employees in front of a Quehenberger truck. Two employees in front of a Quehenberger truck.
Customised distribution solution in the area of FTL/LTL.

Full-service distribution for a manufacturer of consumer goods

In the area of FTL/LTL, Quehenberger Logistics covers the full spectrum of transports. On behalf of one of the biggest Austrian producers of consumer goods, we set everything “in motion” and handle all FTL distribution logistics to seven countries.

International full-service distribution

The renowned Austrian company works with state-of-the-art production and conveyor systems and continually informs its personal, assigned point of contact at Quehenberger Logistics about new pick-ups. As soon as the transportation order arrives, we start planning the transport. The number of loads can reach up to 100 per day. 

From the automated warehouse of our customer, the Quehenberger team loads packaged pallets onto our vehicles. Via FTL, the goods then go on a journey to seven countries. Germany, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania or Austria – the high quality standard of our transport solutions remains the same!

Forklift drives through a warehouse aisle with filled high-rack storage shelves.

The biggest challenge? The seasonality of the order quantities! But no matter how large or small the quantity – seasonal fluctuations are perfectly compensated for thanks to our perfectly planned FTL - FMCG industry solution. For this, we rely on our own state-of-the-art vehicle fleet as well as on a big pool of flexible and reliable transport partners and the long-time experience of our employees. 

Together to success

A well-coordinated team enables smooth processes and successful results in FTL distribution for our customer. 

The advantages for our customer are obvious

  • flexibility and compensation of big fluctuations thanks to exact planning and organisation 
  • one assigned contact person (single point of contact) 
  • safe, state-of-the-art vehicle fleet as well as certified, reliable subcontractors and transport partners 
  • mutual ongoing optimisation of transport solutions 

We make time for you and listen!

You’re looking for an FTL/LTL solution for your company? We’re happy to create a customised offer for your requirements. Be it full or less than full truck load, national or international transport – we’re happy to advise you.