Quehenberger e-truck in front of a chemist's chain store. Quehenberger e-truck in front of a chemist's chain store.
Future-oriented Logistics.

Sustainability and the Environment

Quehenberger takes its role as a future-oriented logistics company very seriously. This not only includes highest quality and flexibility in the transport of goods but also our responsibility towards the environment.

Logistics with responsibility

Especially in the area of transport and logistics, companies increasingly face a number of challenges that have an impact on our coexistence. Emissions, the consumption of resources and environmentally friendly waste disposal – all these are topics that global players in the field of logistics should concern themselves with. 

As a responsible and forward-thinking company, it is important to us to achieve climate neutrality by 2040 with our sustainability strategy and our “Q-zERo Emission” project.


Our transport and logistics processes are subject to the ISO 14001 standard in the interests of environmental protection. This international standard specifies certain requirements for a company to achieve its environmental objectives, meet legal obligations and beyond, and generally improve its environmental performance. It is therefore important to present environmental impacts transparently and to derive concrete goals and measures from them.


We see social responsibility as an integral part of our corporate activities and have manifested this in our corporate policy as well as in our ethics and compliance guidelines.

Whistleblower Portal

The topic of compliance, fair play and lawful conduct has become even more important due to the strong international growth of our company and the increasing legal requirements. This also includes being open to reports of breaches of regulations, cases of fraud and white-collar crime. We have therefore set up a portal for anonymous inquiries, which can be used online and anonymously for reports.


Taking into account the three pillars of sustainability - ecology, social issues and economy - we prepare an annual sustainability report in accordance with the latest requirements as well as an overall balance sheet of the CO2 equivalents of our company.



Download sustainability report

Download summary of overall CO2 equivalents

With e-mobility into the Future

Rear view of the Quehenberger e-truck.

E-mobility is a hot topic at the moment – and not only in the field of logistics. For Quehenberger Logistics, it is a point of honour to back this kind of innovative future thinking. Together with our suppliers, we work to optimise the performance and practicability of electrically powered commercial vehicles. Exciting pilot projects additionally set new standards in inner-city traffic. 

Presentation of the Quehenberger e-truck at Stiegl brewery.

Did you know? 

Current articles about topics such as e-mobility can be found in our news area as well as in our Q Magazines.

Have a look – it’s worth it! 

Together for Sustainable Logistics

Under the banner of sustainable logistics, Quehenberger is part of various initiatives in this area. As a member of the CNL (Council for Sustainable Logistics), we take important steps towards sustainability. Together with 18 of the biggest Austrian companies in the fields of retail, logistics and production, we pursue our goal of “green”, sustainable logistics. 

Our collaboration with EcoVadis, a platform for sustainable development, is another essential contribution to sustainable logistics. Every year, we are rated regarding sustainability along the supply chain by external EcoVadis auditors. Upon activating a Scorecard, you as our customer can also have a look at our results. 

Additionally, our entire international fleet is comprised of Euro-6 vehicles and operates on biodiesel. In Euro-6 vehicles, this lowers the CO2 emissions by two thirds. We’re proud to have one of the most efficient and environmentally sustainable fleets in Europe!