Customised tyre services for Porsche Austria.

State-of-the-art tyre logistics in practice

Storage and distribution of tyres require profound experience and expertise.

That’s why Porsche Austria counts on Quehenberger Logistics for its tyre logistics

Our experienced employees handle warehousing and distribution all over Austria. Processing takes place in our state-of-the-art warehouse in Senec, Slovakia. 

The right feeling for the product

Not all tyres are the same. Handling of this sensitive product requires great diligence and extensive know-how. Order picking precision and regular quality checks constitute particularly important elements of the supply chain in this case. 

For many years, we’ve been demonstrating great commitment with our high-quality, reliable and professional services in the area of tyre logistics for Porsche Austria.

By collaborating Porsche Austria benefits from

  • long-time and profound industry know-how 
  • special IT solutions for the tyre industry with DOT management and set formation from individual item numbers 
  • punctuality 
  • late cut-off times 
  • compensation of seasonal peaks
  • 24-hour service 

A look behind the scenes

The team of Quehenberger Logistics handles complete wheel mounting. This means: We mount the tyres onto rims, fill them with air and balance them. Additionally, we install sensors for compressed air monitoring for tyre pressure monitoring systems on the rims.

In practice, this works as follows: As soon as we receive the tyres and rims from the supplier, we store them professionally. After the arrival of the fitting order by Porsche Austria, the tyres are mounted onto the rims, provided with a new item number and subsequently put into temporary storage. 

Upon receiving the delivery order, the polished complete wheels (rims with tyres) are put onto pallets, stretch-wrapped (foil-coated) and distributed primarily via our industry network to the various retailers. 

Our daily efforts for happy customers

The collaboration of Porsche Austria and Quehenberger Logistics is characterised by adherence to delivery dates and reliability. The customer also benefits from extensive industry and IT know-how as well as late cut-off times and an extensive 24-hour service. 

We make time for you and listen!

You would like to experience our competence in the area of tyre logistics first-hand? We’re happy to create a customised proposal for your company!