On the Road to Success.

An eventful company history

Facts & Figures

You would like to know more about Quehenberger and are interested in the facts and figures behind the logistics provider? Have a look at some interesting figures about our company! 

Turnover in EUR (2019) 470 million
Growth in Turnover 3 %
Employees 2,900
Locations 81
Countries  18
Vehicle Fleet 234
Handling and Warehouse Space in Sqm 514,000
Shipments FTL/LTL / Intermodal / Rail (2019) 0.5 million
Shipments Retail / Fashion / Transport Networks / Air + Ocean (2019) 1.7 million

as of April 2020



The total warehouse space exceeds 400,000 m2.

Expansion of the presence in Eastern Europe by the markets of Poland and Kazakhstan.

Foundation of Quehenberger Logistics Sweden.

Sale of shares in Q Logistics GmbH to ÖBB-Holding AG.

Takeover of the Alpin Spedition GmbH.


The total warehouse space exceeds 300,000 m2.

Opening of eight new logistics locations. 

Joint venture with the ÖBB-Holding AG in the area of groupage Austria.

Foundation of Q Logistics GmbH.


Foundation of Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH.

Renaming of X1 EXPRESS GmbH in Quehenberger Express GmbH.


Takeover of the Günter Bauer Transportgesellschaft.

Takeover of the German Transalkim Internationale Speditions GmbH with locations in Germany, Romania, Hungary and the Netherlands.


Acquisition of the Logwin locations Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia.

Takeover of X1 EXPRESS GmbH.


Renaming of the AUGUSTIN Network (former LKW Augustin) locations to Quehenberger Logistics.


Takeover of the Road + Rail Eastern Europe business unit and the Austria network of Logwin AG by Christian Fürstaller, Rodolphe Schoettel and Rudi Quehenberger.

Renaming of the company to Quehenberger Logistics.


Takeover of LKW Augustin by Christian Fürstaller and Rodolphe Schoettel.


Renaming of Quehenberger to Logwin.


Takeover of the Welz group and thus expansion of the presence in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.


Increased activities in Contract Logistics.

Sale of the Quehenberger Logistics Group to the Luxembourgian Thiel Logistik AG.


Foundation of the locations in Romania and Ukraine.


Foundation of the location in Belarus. 


Foundation of the location in Hungary.


Renaming of Lausenhammer to R. Quehenberger Spedition.


Rudi Quehenberger's entry into Lausenhammer transport company in Salzburg.