Connected throughout Europe.

Comprehensive industry networks for individual solutions

Tailor-made solutions for specific requirements – that’s our promise to our customers. In order to fulfil that, we have created extensive and strong industry networks for Retail, Fashion, FMCG/Food/Beverage and Tyres that our customers benefit from at any time.

We focus on your requirements

As we are a specialist for industry networks with own locations in 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, you can count on competent, reliable partners all over Europe and on solutions that provide added value. More quality, more flexibility – and, most importantly, more focus on your individual requirements.

Through this specific orientation, you benefit from

  • efficient, standardised processes 
  • focus on the specific requirements of your industry 
  • absolute reliability and extensive know-how 
  • professional and smooth processing 

Retail Network

Truck with open tailboard during the unloading process in front of the warehouse.

Inner-city shop or shopping centre – we know the specific requirements of the retail industry and offer suitable solutions. Our dense industry network enables a comprehensive, timely supply to the various points of sale – including a wide range of additional services. You hand over all your logistics matters to a team of experts – and your staff at the shops can focus on their own core tasks. 

E-mobility in city logistics: For distribution in inner-city areas, Quehenberger sends a clear signal regarding sustainability and the environment. Vehicles compliant with low exhaust emission standards and the increased use of electrically powered trucks are part of modern retail logistics for us. 

Shop-to-shop deliveries, state-of-the-art warehouses and numerous value-added services – with Quehenberger Logistics you can rely on a competent, experienced partner. 

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Fashion Network

Employees work on rolling garment racks with garments on them.

Perfect-fit fashion solutions – that’s what you’ll benefit from with Quehenberger Logistics. A comprehensive network throughout Europe makes us a strong partner in the area of Fashion Logistics. From pick-up in the production countries to warehousing including value-added services and shop delivery to fashion retailers: You receive a tailor-made full-service package. 

Always our focus: your specific requirements. Be it textiles, shoes or accessories in cardboard boxes, reusable boxes or GOH garments on hangers – we deliver your goods wrinkle-free and ready for sale to the shops. 

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FMCG Network

Forklift drives through a warehouse aisle with filled high-rack storage shelves.

In the area of FMCG/Food/Beverage, short transit times and smooth processes are important to ensure the availability of goods in retail. Our FMCG Network stands out in terms of its high-performance transport capacities on linehauls as well as with delivery systems that meet the requirements of the distribution centers of big food retailers. No matter which special requirements arise – our comprehensive network is geared towards maximum flexibility. 

State-of-the-art warehouses, sophisticated delivery combinations, efficient IT solutions and additional services result in a full-service FMCG package that you can rely on. 

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Tyre Network

Employee works in a warehouse with a tower of stacked tyres.

Speed, punctuality and absolute flexibility – that’s what Quehenberger Logistics’ extensive Tyre Network provides. Fast reactions to peak times and fluctuations are a given, as well as absolute reliability at any time. 

Long-time experience in Tyre Logistics makes us an expert in this area. Competent pick-up at the manufacturer, professional warehousing, fast and precise delivery via the distribution centre: That’s what our team handles efficiently and in a timely manner. 

Our experienced staff knows the requirements of various products and brands and is well-versed in both the professional warehousing and fast loading and unloading of goods. 

Distribution, warehousing and additional services – find out more about comprehensive Tyre Logistics by Quehenberger Logistics!

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