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Highly complex timber transports for HESS TIMBER.

Special transports at the highest level

HESS TIMBER is globally known for its exceptional achievements in the area of architectural timber engineering. The architectonically sophisticated and complex projects of the German timber specialist can be admired all over the world. It’s perfectly clear that these types of complex projects require equally complex transport solutions.

Q Projects in practice

With our Q Projects Special Transports product, we offer our customers tailor-made solutions for transports of the extraordinary kind – exceptionally big, exceptionally long, exceptionally heavy. For the delivery of oversized roof trusses to construction sites, we can provide an optimum service package for HESS TIMBER thanks to our special expertise. 

Fast transport calculation
Holistic planning

HESS TIMBER needs to be able to price their freight costs into customer enquiries as precisely as possible, thus Quehenberger Logistics offers a fast transport calculation for this complex area. Additionally, we place special emphasis on holistic planning when it comes to special transports. By means of a road book and feasibility analyses by our experts, we determine whether the planned route can be used for the specified product measurements. 

For our customers, we organise

  • appropriate equipment and the right vehicle combination 
  • optimum conditions at the unloading site 
  • set-up of parking space 
  • coordination with property owners
  • cutting back of trees along the course of the route 
  • temporary rerouting of ambulances in case of roadblocks due to vehicle manoeuvring and unloading operations 

Communication is everything!

To facilitate smooth workflows for the complex transports that we carry out for HESS TIMBER, detailed planning as well as precise communication of all people involved is essential. Special transports of this size require lots of parties to be coordinated: from the executing company to accompanying vehicles, loading sites and permit authorities, from the police to road construction offices, craftsmen, building contractors and ferry companies. 

Another important aspect of these special transports is the adherence to loading time slots and set-up times for the trucks. It might be necessary, for instance, to produce special transport semi-trailers for the mounting of loads on a drag trailer. 

HESS TIMBER can thus focus on its core business and leave the rest to us. From exact planning to comprehensive coordination of all parties involved. 

Smooth processes for happy customers

For HESS TIMBER, the transport of extra-long structural components is no everyday affair either. Since the timber specialist cannot handle these types of transports with his own truck fleet, it counts on the customised Q Projects Solution by Quehenberger Logistics.

“Thank you for the great collaboration.”
Ernst Schober, Head of Shipping at HESS TIMBER

We make time for you and listen!

You are looking for a customised solution for your special transports as well? Schedule an appointment with our experts – we’re looking forward to the next challenging project!