Truck mechanic in front of a disassembled vehicle. Truck mechanic in front of a disassembled vehicle.
Assembling and repairing.

Working in assembly and repair at Quehenberger Logistics

Our inhouse, state-of-the-art vehicle fleet is one of the reasons why our customers count on us.

Service, repair work and more

A fleet of 234 vehicles needs to be serviced and maintained! That’s exactly where our Automotive Engineers, Varnishers, Tinsmiths and Spare Parts Depot Managers – i.e. our Mechanics, or “angels in red”– come into play.  

Our garage in Strasswalchen, Austria, is the Europe-wide support base for our vehicle fleet and thus a central hub for all assembly and repair services. Be it repair work, service work or defect diagnostics – our garage employees offer the complete service package for our own fleet and dedicated carriers. 

Which qualities should you possess as a member of our garage team? Plenty of know-how, experience and passion regarding your work with high-performance vehicles!

Apprenticeship: Automotive Engineering

Apprentice mechanis woring on a vehicle.

Screwing, twisting and tinkering with electronics – that’s what you’d love to do all day long? As an Apprentice in automotive engineering, you make sure that our vehicles – and thus our drivers – are always safe on the road. 

During your apprenticeship, you’ll learn everything about equipment, tools, cooling agents and lubricants, safety and communication electronics, truck bodies – i.e. everything it takes to be a full-fledged Automotive Engineer. Exciting, practice-relevant topics are dealt with weekly in our apprentice garage – because you don’t assemble an engine every day, right? 

Your tasks as an Apprentice in Assembly and Repair

  • diagnostics of defects and malfunctions in the EDP system of our vehicles 
  • inspection and maintenance 
  • disassembly, assembly and repair
  • contact with customers and carriers 
  • elaboration of proposals 
  • handling of payment transactions

Our Specialists

Assembly & Repair Employee

Truck mechanic in front of a disassembled vehicle.

Whether it’s as an Automotive Engineer, Tinsmith or Varnisher – in our garage in Strasswalchen, you’re instrumental in the complete servicing and maintenance of our fleet and the vehicles of our dedicated carriers. The most important prerequisites: extensive automotive knowledge, quick diagnostics skills and being adept in the handling of trucks! 

Your tasks as a Mechanic

  • service work for the vehicles 
  • repairs 
  • alterations of vehicles 
  • identification and diagnostics of malfunctions and defects 
  • upgrading of new vehicles 
  • inspection sticker renewals
  • maintenance work for the entire truck and car fleet 

Your benefits at Quehenberger Logistics

You’ve got experience in assembly and repair and would like to work for a logistics company? We’re pleased about that! Alongside various training opportunities and many team events, you can look forward to a number of other benefits at our company! 

We’re here for you!

Our colleagues at the HR department are happy to answer any questions you might have! 

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