Woman with tablet in a warehouse. Woman with tablet in a warehouse.
Success through Development.

Quality & Innovations

Quehenberger Logistics is convinced that sustainable success and innovation are inextricably linked. Only those who plan for the future can continue to satisfy their customers’ demands in the long run.

Thinking ahead to the future

What we do today, we do at the highest level of quality, with professionalism and passion. At the same time, continuous improvement and constant development of new approaches and solutions constitute the focus of all efforts at our company. We’re always open towards future-oriented thinking and innovations – to ensure that we have the efficiency and profitability expected from us and to deserve the trust that you as our customer place in us.


How we work

For a high level of customer satisfaction, we continuously develop stable, resilient processes and solutions on the basis of an integrated management system for Quality, Safety and Environment. Efficient workflows along the supply chain and a transparent flow of information are essential for the exceptional quality of services. 

Your benefit: Services that you can rely on. Standardised but highly customisable procedures, a stable project setup, efficient use of resources and highly diagnostic performance indicators take centre stage with us. That’s how you can focus on your core tasks and rely on being in best hands. 

Our Operations Strategy

At Quehenberger Logistics, we don’t try to reinvent the wheel: In the creation of customer-specific solutions, we rely on our extensive experience in this field. Based on that, our logistics experts develop customised best practice processes with individual benchmarks and added-value solutions. These are created globally on the basis of the same standards and subsequently tailored to your specific requirements. 

We work in accordance with proven and trusted project management guidelines. During the implementation of new solutions, we are thus able to minimise risks, ensure a smooth start of projects and avoid potential sources of mishaps during the early stages. This enables us to provide fast and cost-effective implementation. 

Together with our customers, we define the desired KPIs, which we then measure, illustrate and report with our IT systems in predetermined intervals. The performance indicators are the basis for our continuous optimisation process along with regular Quality Jour Fixes in which we identify potential for action and visualise your goals. 

We work based on LEAN principles. By streamlining our processes, we achieve an increase in the quality of our services and thus our customers’ satisfaction. Your added value lies in the avoidance of wasting resources, the subsequent cost-optimisation and end-to-end transparency. 

Digitalisation & Software Solutions

Digitalisation is an essential asset in the field of logistics and beyond. Our stated goal is the complete digital interconnectedness with our customers and partners. That’s how you benefit from even more customised solutions and new products based on your specific requirements. We focus our efforts on augmented transparency along the entire supply chain and increased productivity thanks to the streamlining and measurability of processes. 

In the course of our digital transformation, new and innovative software solutions are essential in the end-to-end illustration of our processes. So far, we were able to optimise the lead times for disposition, for instance, and nearly fully automate a number of processes. Our truck drivers use a software app that optimally supports them in the management of their assigned tours. 

Smart Logistics

Through the use of intelligent information and communication technologies, we efficiently plan and control logistics processes. The catchwords in the area of Smart Logistics at Quehenberger are: safety, quality and transparency. By way of real-time monitoring and intelligent alarm management, the entire supply chain becomes transparent and controllable. With the help of state-of-the-art devices for diagnostic analysis and data transmission, we can immediately react to deviations from the predetermined requirements of our customers. 

Malfunctions of transport technology, temperature fluctuations, air pressure, humidity or changes in the route – these and other factors can be monitored in real time thanks to Smart Logistics. This allows for an immediate reaction to deviations. The high degree of transparency and clarity means your shipments are safe at all times and always in best hands.

Innovative Companions at Quehenberger Logistics

Photo of the logistics device Roambee Bee.
Roambee Bee
A wireless device for tracking trucks and containers as well as real-time monitoring of temperature, air pressure, position, movement, shock (impacts), tampering with goods, etc.
Photo of the logistics device BeeBeacon Position I/II.
BeeBeacon Position I/II
A wireless device for reliably tracking individual packages, goods or garments.
Photo of the logistics device BeeBeacon Position II/II.
BeeBeacon Position II/II
A wireless device for the use in temperature-controlled trucks for monitoring temperature fluctuations, humidity, air pressure, location, etc.
Photo of the logistics device Bee Fleet.
BeeFleet Diagnose
A wireless device for the on-board diagnostic analysis during vehicle operation regarding speed, shock (impacts), location, etc. It can be used as a means for monitoring the vehicle fleet or as a technical diagnostics tool (operational status).