Photo of Adrian Vikrut. Photo of Adrian Vikrut.
Success Story - Adrian Vikrut.

Success Story Interview

„Quehenberger is a stable company, which values its employees and offers them the opportunity to further professional training.“
Adrian Vikrut, Warehouse Management

How long have you been active in the company?


I have been working with Quehenberger since 2008.


In which position did you get started with Quehenberger? In which position are you now?


I started as Warehouse Worker, then I was promoted to Warehouse Manager, and later on I became Technical Director of a location. As I am very interested in all technical processes and details, I was really “hooked“ when Quehenberger started a new project which required a great deal of professional and technical know-how including its practical implementation. I attended various trainings and now I am in charge of the Product Q Home at Quehenberger Express in Salzburg – and I am still passionate about it.


What do you like about your job?


The focus on the customer and the wide range of tasks, in combination with various different, permanently new challenges concerning customer solutions. Of course, it is also very nice to be praised by the customer after having completed punctual, clean, and reliable assembly work.


What do you value in your work environment?


The trust which my bosses and colleagues place in me.
How did Quehenberger support you in your personal and professional further development?
During all the years of my employment with Quehenberger, I had the opportunity to attend a lot of trainings and seminars.


Is there somebody who particularly promoted you?


I was lucky to have bosses who supported me, and they do it up to now. I am happy to be in a position to do this responsible job.


Why would you recommend Quehenberger as employer?


Quehenberger is an international company with many segments, offering a lot of opportunities to all employees who opt for further development based on dilligence and personal commitment. All those employees who gather experience and practical know-how, and do their best every day, are supported by the company Quehenberger. That’s what I have experienced!