Photo of Anne-Kathrin Staab. Photo of Anne-Kathrin Staab.
Success Story - Anne-Kathrin Staab.

Success Story Interview

„At Quehenberger, every day is different, and every day happens something new.“
Anne-Kathrin Staab, Department Manager Transport & Operations

How long have you been active in the company?


In January 2011, Quehenberger was founded in Germany, and since then I have been working here.


In which position did you get started with Quehenberger? In which position are you now?


I started as Dispatcher for truck transports with Quehenberger. In the course of time, I have assumed many different tasks, such as railway transports, oversize - and heavy load transports, or seafreight. At present, I am in charge of Operations Management and Training at the location Weiterstadt as well as the permanent establishment Berlin.


What do you like about your job?


I like most that the job is diverse and it is never boring. Every day is different, and every day happens something new. You need to be creative and quite frequently, you need to improvise. On the one hand, we transport steel rolls with 55 tonnes and a diametre of 3.5 metres from Austria to Norway, and on the other side, we deliver cardboard boxes and hangers to fashion stores – at night and with key.


What do you value in your work environment?


In my work environment, I value first of all the independent and autonomous work. I can count on my colleagues at any time, and in case I need support or advise, I can always ask my boss or the experts in the respective sepcialist department (e.g. Customs, Controlling, or Accounting). Although my work is autonomous, I am never left alone with a problem.


How did Quehenberger support you in your personal and professional further development?


Throughout my employment with Quehenberger, I have always been supported by my Branch Manager. Moreover, I had the opportunity to participate in an in-house vocational training for young executives at Quehenberger, the so-called Young Professional Program.


Is there a personal highlight, you would like to share with us?


There are several ones, but my personal highlight was the processing of the first oversize transport which I handled on my own from calculation to delivery. Two machine parts were delivered by barge from Poland to Germany. Pre- and on-carriage from and to the harbour were organised by truck. Due to the extremely large dimensions, the on-carriage from the harbour to the consignee was carried out at night and with police escort. I could be present from the arrival of the barge in Krefeld onwards, and accompany the transshipment and the nighttime transport to the consignee.


Why would you recommend Quehenberger as employer?


Quehenberger is a young, dynamic, internationally operating company and offers opportunities concerning a comprehensive and diverse vocational training. The promotion and development of employees are in the centre of attention, and there are very good career opportunites.