Success story - Robert Hartmann.

Success story interview

„Our Corporate Culture promotes committed and autonomous employees.“
Robert Hartmann, Managing Director Air + Ocean

How long have you been active in the company?


After 18 years with a global player, I came “back home“ to the Quehenberger family in summer 2015! Thus, I am “back to the roots“.


In which position did you get started with Quehenberger? In which position are you now?


In 1993, I started as a trainee in national and international overland transport. At present, I am the proud Managing Director of Quehenberger Air + Ocean GmbH, and I still have many plans with my strong team. We intend to become the best air- and seafreight provider in the Austrian market, and we are well under way!


What do you like about your job?


Simply everything!


What do you value in your work environment?

The clear focus on business. Team spirit is important for us, and we achieve great success as a team.


How did Quehenberger support you in your personal and professional further development?


On the one hand, I received an excellent vocational training in the nineties, on the other hand, they placed a lot of confidence in me, when they offered me the position as Management Director in 2016.


Is there a personal highlight, you would like to share with us?


The greatest highlights are employees who have developed in a splendid way and who are still further developing. I am incredibly proud of this, and it represents a great upgrade of our tough daily work.


Why would you recommend Quehenberger as employer?


At Quehenberger, we still do and live the job as a forwarding agent! Our traditional Austrian corporate culture promotes committed and autonomous employees. If you want to move something and to celebrate honest success, then apply for a job with Quehenberger!